hello reader here i come back with my new blog its 1:36 AM and am trying to sleep but m not feeling sleepy at all, so i thought to write a blog and then i found some tradition pictures of mine so i decided to write a blog on traditional look without the proper accessories if you are like me, i didn’t had any accessories at that time so i decided to use some mummy’s stuffs to create this look and u know what that worked a positively

so before showing you the pictures let me tell u how i create this look from mummy’s stuffs

I used the pair of anklet on my head as a headpiece and wore a really light necklace and my mummy’s pure red duppatta did a really light makeup like used a thin linner a lipstick and some touchups for my brows and clicked some quality photos portraits and here showing some glimpse of it ..

So guys this is it, let me know which one is your favourite Photo or try this at your home too, play with your mumma’s stuffs n let me know in the comment section till then stay tuned luv u guys …. keep supporting n a really thankyou for your love and support so much love lots of kisses.


Diksha singh bisen


Click the link ,tutorial for making a skirt by your own at your home .

hidden collections of my talent

hello lovely readers

M here wid the new fresh blog on my hiden talent,

Human nature, whenever we went to the place which is either beautiful or not we start capturing that into our camera or phone. I am actually living with my family in a very small home but but but there is my special corner ,one small garden in my backyard i always went there in the morning i always use to find some kind of peace whenever m in the nature i stop my self to listen the sounds of birds the insects the flies start noticing the movements of the leafs, plants the beautiful essence or smell of nature all is mesmerizing.. just want to capture the freshness the essence the feeling into my phone camera but cant capture the real essence, peace, freshness ,feeling this all transforms into a picture which is far awesome than awesomeness here m showing u some of them and some of random clicks if u like it give a thums up n comment down which picture u liked the most. and the amazing thing is i dont use any camera i dont have expensive iphone or any best camera phone i just click those pictures in my 11350 asus zenphone 3max phone n it comes as theese…………

*Always try to learn from these diminish leafs no matter how up u were u have to fall one day down so dont have arrogance or dont show ur ego ever

*this teach me the truth of the society either u r so bright they use to hide u same as these leafs and the tree which is hiding the sun but u have to do is tear the covers n shine as well, same as the sun

*whenever u feel so stressed or tense best remedy is go on a long trip alone ,

* life is all about of the two roads one can take to the difficult zone but u will reach to the success and another one can take you to your comfort zone but u will never reach where u want to go only you have to decide.

*mom n butterfly both have similarities she(mom) always smile no matter what the situation or difficulties she is facing and butterfly always flies no matter what tornado comes in her way

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And sure…..have a look on my previous post if u missed it click here SELF MADE MINI SKIRT

Lots of love Regard diksha from journey to pride

career career career no more this word again

hey !!!!

as per my heading u will surely figure out that i am really very off from this word career this world is gifting us tensions of going higher and get a settle designation and then stay relaxed for whole of your life. without knowing what your kid want to do don’t push them towards the goal what u have set for them let her or him to find there  interest  and let them to find there destination where they actually want to go let them feel free to choose any of there interest field let them to find there interest in which field he or she are perfect which field is perfect for him or her … there are plenty of fields, specializations  but the kid get confused from these all ,nothing to worry every thing cant work same as what u have planned, planning don’t work some times .. we can not plan for tomorrow if we plan the planner can walk same as he have planed no one else.. no one knows what will happen tomorrow every thing is just uncertain…

avoid copying what they are doing, start thinking in which field u want to try your luck don’t ever forget to try each and every thing in which u r good in don’t stop trying until u find your goal

don’t bother take it easy but on the other hand be conscious with your future and your career because this is the only thing which can give u an identification by which u will be knowing

stop taking advises stop asking others , no no no i am not saying that the adviser can give u a wrong advise or bad advise but i m saying only that person can advise you who can understand u better who know you better and the person who knows your interest who knows what u hate the most, only that person can give u a great advise and the person who know you greatly  is none other than you you know your self better so that u only can take advise by yourself

there is never too late to start new from begging never loose hope never give up in today’s life we can take any interest as a profession example dancing, singing, comedian, YouTube star, blogger etc. we can make profession in any of interested fields

don’t think that u can’t, remember u can if u think u can…….think i m the best ……i can do   it ….it is possible every thing is possible…. i m strong than my problem…think positive be positive … do what you love… starts will always start from zero without zero we can not start counting….life is too short to work hard and be happy .remember its never too late to start new begging


what u all think guys is career problem happen to u too ..?leave comment…..


  • hello my readers

First of all thank you for giving us a very nice platform to share our ideas with adorable people all around the world.

here i m Diksha with my very first blog on self-made mini skirt. As we all know girls that skirts are always been a cornerstone in the apparel industry, whenever we went to the shopping malls our eyes catches skirts very first,

a skirt is a highly flexible choice when it comes to choosing the right outfit for the day it clears our confusion of wearing. It look casual as well as professional too we all have at least 2 skirts in our wardrobe because it’s really very easy to be dressed in.


*First grab your old fitting stripped tee or u can take a blank top or a nice fitting printed one. don’t grab a loose(top) one keep it into mind.

*U can make skirt without using a scissor if u want to wear that top again, and if not if u want to remake your top u can use scissor for make it more comfortable.


  • First cut the tee from top accept sleeves and stitch it by measuring your waist attach a rubber elastic for make your skirt secure and sew it well try to keep it into mind when u r attaching a rubber elastic that may not create plates into skirt that will look disaster so be sure when u r attaching elastic that wont b so much stretched. elastic would b attach freely into skirts. and your skirt are ready to wear its that easy. wear your newly make skirt with crop top it will look awesome u can add any denim shirt or denim jacket on it and here u r ready to go outside with your teenage look .


  • If u don’t want to cut your favorite top and want to make a mini skirt with it here the tips are for u too. take your top only that top which have a deep neck so that u can wear it well having a very small neck top will make a trouble so that your legs wont go into the neck.
  • take your top and put the sleeves under the top’s neck u can secure the sleeves with a safety-pin put the extra stuffs of the top inside the neck for skirt to look super clean make sure that the sleeves will not make any mountain over the skirt otherwise it will look disaster at all after doing this all your self-made mini skirt is ready to wear. wear the skirt from the bottom put your legs into top’s neck and wear it well make sure not your skirt have any narrow on it and here u r ready to go out for the college, date, and so on with this cute dress u can wear it for a casual look or a professional too. will show u the picture bellow to clear your all doubts….. The top is here which m going to wear as a skirt and how lets see.

take your top


put the sleeves under the tops same as shown into the picture


the skirt will look like this

And here skirt is ready as i said before wear it by putting your legs into top’s neck.

give a look on my pictures, how the skirt will look










Let me know your suggestion, querry or any opinion in the comment section,

lots of love

regard diksha from journeytopride